Thursday, 17 August 2017

Free Download Cover Fire Mod Version 1.4.0 APK For Android

Cover fire is one of the most downloaded game on play store having high resolution graphics and look like a realistic and very high ended animations and character’s which you can play Smoothly at up to 60FPs. The citizens of city are infected by the virus and are become zombies to you your city you have clean the city form zombies. There are many types of zombie’s some are very powerful one’s so you have to buy new weapon’s kill them   Cover fire is firs person shooter game developed by Genera games which is famous for having lots of hit’s on play store .Having lots of modes to play you can find lot of online user to play in championship mode you having choice of different and latest weapons like ak47, pistol’s, snipers, RPG and rifles and other kit’s like medical kit and ammo kit etc. There are lot of exciting level’s but some of them are very hard to complete but it’s having exiting to complete these  level’s in some level’s you have to save the hostage’s .You have lots of friends and you have to lead them all form front-line with having good strategy to complete the level . You have to complete one level to get in to another. We hope that the is top of action game list in future. There is nice balance of player and improvements in the game that feels like a real world cases. In this version 1.4.0 having lots of impairment’s in graphics and new level’s, and weapons and lots of bugs are fixed.

v  Stunning graphics.
v  New weapons are added.
v  Lot of bugs is fixed.
v  There have nice balance.
v  Enjoyable  audio track
v  Medical & ammo kit’s

Size:286 MB.
Android version: 4.1 and above

Download Link:

Monday, 14 August 2017

Download Heroes Infinity Gods Future Fight Mod apk For Android 1.7.11

You are here to download The Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight is best game developed under the Action game category. This game is awesome and you will be impressed by gaming graphics and much more. You can Download the Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight apk for your android and Tablets from Here by clicking the link given below. The Game has been developed by the DIVMOB one of the best game development sources. This version of Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight introduces new heroes with amazing powers you can upgrade the existing heroes. The Heroes Infinity: Gods Future Fight is also one of the best strategy games full of fun, adventure and action, you can continue your journey through cities and lands collect new heroes for your team and can ensure your victory. You will be dealing with the dynamic creatures to stay on the top. The brilliant Animations and graphics will add much more taste and joy to play it. The Game will develop an unforgettable feeling of being in a real battle experience.
So let’s start your journey and conquer your goal Fight for the justice, prepare your heroes to fight against your powerful enemies.

v  Epic Gods war is awesome game
v  Game Play free to play and Strategy
v  Combine Play with other players
v  Improve gaming graphics 
v Support all android devices 

Download Link:

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Free Download 3 Real Racing Mod APK for Android

Real racing game is famous and amazing game for android user. the excellent graphics and real environment simulation .the game free download android Real racing modded  game  for android  player You can download it now for free from the link given below .digital and latest graphic and amazing game sound and track. This is developed by Electronic Arts. . here is no any compatibility issue regarding android version. These games play with millions of user in online. You can choose very famous cars and play with at time 150 premium player. Excellent and amazing graphic. This game have Latest and branded vehicle. The game is special for racing lovers. Well & high quilted track this game is now on  your play store. in the game that feels like a real world racing. This game is in span of time at the top of world famous arching games. You will see amazing stunning moves of rider. Don’t miss a chance to play this game on your android mobile. You will be observing hundreds of the new super actions. The latest game is available now to download and install for free. Latest graphic well listening sound & beautiful city It has developed many high quality games for android mobile, i-phone, tablet. Which got lots of hits on Play Store .now you can play online. You can pick which  would like .like RX-3,RX-7 & Jaguar C-X75,REBORN.YOU have more land mark track available .  All level &car UN locked. Physical lets you do much more with your ride.

v  Amazing game sound and track.
v  Digital and latest graphic.
v  This game have branded vehicle.
v  You can build driving skill.
v  You can play online with friends.
v  Races to win in two limited time series.


v  Size: 54MB
v  Version: 5.4.0

Download Link:

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Download Battle Age Mod apk Lastest Version for Android

Battle Age Mod is the latest popular and most famous game for android loving people.The Battle Age Mod is the most enjoyable game for the people of any maturity level as children and young ones too, this game is developed by the famous game developed by 505 game source, which is also best known development source for popular strategy games, the latest version of the game is available now to download and install for free .You can download it from the link given at the end of this page. Use your workers and build building and store food for army. They have latest and famous weapons to use the defense the enemies. New and powerful weapons to aid your fight. You can enjoy a true sense of war field while playing it, and this game is strategy game to be awesome in the strategy game category. They have difficult leaves and face the powerful enemies. They have good graphic result of the games. The game teaches as how to lead any civilization to time period for modern age. Make an empire and follow is orders. The Battle Age is supported by all previous versions of the android platform to target its large number of users around the world. There is no any compatibility issue regarding android versions. They have define your own strategy to prove your skills to them as well .this is very interesting game

v  Excellent graphics to be observed in the game.
v  Train civilization of the town.
v  Follow king order and its rule.
v  Make try to defeat your enemies.
v  Powerful weapons to get and defeat enemies.
v  Make your forces.
v  Large scale number of enemies to defeat.
v  Various dynamic strategies to follow.
v  Size: 98 MB.
v  Version: 1.9
v  Android version: 4.0 and above.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Download Battle warship Mod Apk Latest Version for Android

Battle war ship Mod is the Most Popular and famous game for android gamers, the game free download Battle of warships android modded game for android player The Battle war ship Mod is the most awaited game for a long time by the people, finally the game is release. Battle warship is the best Action game developed by the famous developer cube software. You will face stunning moves of the ships. The game introduces the new and amazing moves and actions you will be observing hundreds of the new super moves to destroy your enemies. You can also pick up the new powerful and dynamic.  We hope that the game is top in the action game category in near future. The Good Graphics and excellent animations and moves will make you love playing it and you will find worth it downloading offline and playing it. There is nice balance   improvements  in the game that feels like a real world scenario, all this proves the excellent physics and arts knowledge skills of the development team .there is no any compatibility issue regarding android version. The latest game is available now to download and install for free. You can download it from the link which is given at the end of this page. , all this proves the excellent physics and arts knowledge skills of the development team. Those have latest touch versions & include the gyroscope! The game is special for young & child.   

v  More & latest ships
v  More  than  10 or 20 battleships, including the legendary ones of the first & the second world battle
v  Best Fighting moves and Actions
v  Awesome sound and graphic.
v  A unique upgrade system each battle weapons of your.
v  Powerful enemies and Powerful Player.

Size 100 MB.
Version 1.31
Android version 2.3 and above

Download Link:

Monday, 7 August 2017

Download Castle Cats Moded Apk For Android Tablets and Mobiles

Castle cats are the game in which the player needs to manage the cat soldiers. Being the player, you are the leader of heroic cats. For playing Castle Cats, visit the given link below and enjoy the game. The guild of the cats needs to face the battle opposite to the evil powers like huge mice, wild dogs and threatening Necropug. The mysterious formula of alchemic will provide strength to your cats. The squad needs to be gathered so the nasty powers are challenged. The unique capabilities of the cats must be applied in these battles. The new heroes are unlocked, train them new skills and progress their traits. The whole game is full of curiosity. In the game, the cats are cute as well as heroic which is definitely attracting the cat lovers towards it. The story line of the game is fun to follow. The players can easily get addicted to it and kills the time. Of course, it is among the best games ever. 

ü  Select the cats from the 60 different cats. Each and every cat has special skills and characteristics
ü  Send them on the quests to get Catania back
ü  Alchemy need to be used to shape the special cats for your league
ü  Spend the wealth which you have earned by hard work for improving and indulging your cat heroes
ü  The cats fly and get into the casual frenzies so need to deal with it
ü  The Evil Pugomancer need to be faced. Start the battles or stay relaxed as it totally depends on you
ü  Join the events held on weekly basis with latest heroes and extra story quests
ü  Amazing upgrading of the characters

ü  Updated: Jun 20, 2017
ü  Version: 1.4.7
ü   Size:  60.17 MB

Download link:

Or From 

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Download Delicious Emily’s Miracle of Life Apk for Android

You are here to download Delicious Emily’s Miracle apk latest version apk files for android mobiles and tablets. This game is one of best game for game lover, lots of install and downloads on google play store by game lovers that’s why we have provided the game for you.
Delicious Emily’s Miracle of Life the casual and light game appreciated by the people, from the very first day it is released. Delicious Emily’s Miracle of Life is developed by famous Game House, The game is purely based on the Time management, the main purpose is to serve the customers quickly within the specified time .Whenever a customer enters to your shop there will be bubble popping out of their heads and it asks for the product to bring out you can provide the customer what he demands for the number of hearts appearing at the head of customers indicates how much he is satisfied from you and how much happy he is after visiting your shop.

A single customer can have up to five hearts at their head losing the hearts means the customer is not happy and he will leave you without paying. Bringing the product quickly and serving the customer more quickly makes them happy and increases your money and score.
The game introduces the new and amazing moves and actions you will be observing hundreds of the new super moves to destroy your enemies and stop them from taking over your territory. You can also pick up the new powerful and dynamic weapons to aid your fighter against Titan.
The game is demonstration of real world shopping scenario where if a shopkeeper is quicker and more helpful there is more chance of grabbing the customer’s attraction next time. If it is not the case, other shopkeepers will get more customers and hence more money, more score and more business also.
Every day there will be a new challenge automatically generated for you to complete called the ‘Daily Challenge’s, complete the challenges and earn more awards and bonuses.
You can upgrade and earn money for upgrades also there will be more interesting challenges in new upgrades. Delicious Emily’s Miracle of Life has got millions of downloads, you can download it and enjoy playing it. The download link is available at the end of this page, so don’t go anywhere for downloading it. Below we have listed the direct downloading links and as well as the google play store links for android mobiles and tablet. You can download this game for android devices, like Samsung Galaxies, Qmobile, HTC, and all those device which have android 2.3 or up version operating system can download and install this game.

v  The Excellent graphics audio and Visual Quality.
v  Exciting challenges and Goals.
v  Real Life case scenarios.
v  Interesting upgrades.
v  Different and amazing locations.
v  Various Game levels as plus 60.
v  Colorful environment.
v  New Decoration features.
v  Tip for Good services.

Size 82 MB.
Version 1.3
Android version 4.4 and above.

Download Link:
or from

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Download League of War Mercenaries Moded apk for Android

League of War: Mercenaries is the war based game in which you need to make strategies. For experiencing war environment, simply you can download this game on your smart phones. To download League of War: Mercenaries, click on the given link and enjoy the game. Indulge yourself in 3D war game so you can construct your own base, increase your army and fight with enemies to achieve victory. The players need to work as mercenaries and contractors of military need to play on the battle field to beat the enemies across the world. Keep improving your arm and train them the latest technology as well.

ü  Amazing content through the battle and available in 3D from the headquarters of your army
ü  Wonderful visual effects of war very similar to the reality
ü  Provide strength to your army through tanks, helicopters and much more
ü  Make proper strategy using your units to gain victory for sure
ü  Use advantage technology in the battle field to defeat the enemies
ü  In RTS games, you are challenged to make plans wisely and ready your soldiers in number of ways to hit the units of the enemies
ü  In real-time challenges, you always need to be step ahead than your enemies
ü  Improve and construct complete headquarters along with the special tools of the building
ü  Protect your base by increasing the level of the fort of your armed forces
ü  Armies can be progressed so you need to use new techniques always
ü  Tanks, aircraft and other equipment need to be there so you can confront the enemies
ü  Online multiplayer available in which you can make your own alliance together with the band to earn the rewards

ü  Updated: Jun 15, 2017
ü  Version:
ü   Size:  72.35 MB

Download link:

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Download Kill Shot Bravo Moded Apk for Android

Kill Shot Bravo is the single player shooter game available on your android devices. To play Kill Shot Bravo, go through the link below and get it on your smart phone. In this game, the player needs to complete special missions and each mission requires unique kind of weapons. The whole game play is very typical. You don’t need to move the character as only need to aim. Use your left thumb to focus and right thumb is needed for adjusting telescopic sight. This game isn’t offering something new but it is full of entertainment.

ü  Provide training to your soldiers and you need go through the missions around the world
ü  Finish the incomplete missions so you can enter the buildings which are being occupied. Protect them from any threat and save from the attacks of the enemies.
ü  Search the best gunman while moving in the surroundings and cover all the kill-shot
ü  Face various kinds of enemies. Each of them has unique skills and aims
ü  In PVP mode, practice your skills with other gun men in live ranking matches
ü  Soon become the hunter before being attacked
ü  Your heat meter need to be used to cover the threats of the enemy
ü  Search your target, aim and shoot
ü  You can also construct the strong alliances with other players. Help one another to get success after completion of the risky missions
ü  Search and shoot the enemies on their heads before they run away
ü  Your avatar can also be customized and receive Perks which will help you in the battle
ü  Unlock and receive cool equipment like helmets, uniforms body armor, goggles, gloves, face masks, boots and much more

ü  Updated: Jun 23, 2017
ü  Version: 3.0.2
ü   Size:  93.05 MB

Download link: