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Download Mine Blitz Apk for Android


Here android users can download Mine Blitz Apk for their android
mobile phones and tablets here. To download Mine Blitz Apk for
android, the link is provided below. The makers of Century City
present Mine Blitz, a game with no end developed for the android
devices. The concept of the game is quite simple as the player has
to dig, collect the gold and go in depth as much as possible into
the mine.  You need to cross the hurdles like bombs and spikes.
The character keep moving back and forth whenever he digs into the
square automatically. If the tapping is done in a faster way, the
digging is also increases. He can move to the next level in a
straight shot if there are no obstacles. In every level, you need
to activate the check point so it helps you in restarting from the
point from where you left. The coins can be spending on them if
you want to. You can also skip the advertisement video and proceed
To the next level with no delays and no spending of coins. Every
Hour, you also receive a free skip level. If you have sued the
Skip level, you don’t need to wait for the timer to finish. The
Cheating is also allowed at this time but once the time is set so
The game is back to normal.

The game is full of adventure and challenges inside the gold
Mine-with traps, bombs, pikes and dungeon creatures which need to
Be managed by the player
Player has to utilize the trick shots within the timings to get
The treasures of gold
The graphics of the game is simply stunning with one-touch
Brings happiness many times

Updated: Varies with devices
Version: Varies with devices
Size:  Varies

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Audio Bible Offline Apk Downloa Latest Version for Android

Here android users can Audio Bible Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Audio Bible Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below.AudioBible Offline is the application which offers you to read and listen KJV Bible version on your android devices. The application has been developed by Tecarta, Inc. The streaming is carried out on offline mode. Its simple design helps its users to listen to the Bible. It gives to quick accessibility to the MP3 version of the bible. Listening and reading of the bible can be done simultaneously in variety of languages. This application is famous for its different qualities like keeping of notes and study guide. Highlighting can also be done in various colors and underlining of the versus help in making the notes and reading of bible anywhere and anytime. It is definitely very helpful tool which delivered the words and messages of God. This application is developed and designed for the Christians. You can easily go through all the chapters just by simply clicking and enjoy listening to it. This application has received 4.5 stars by its customers. There is no distractions in the audio which makes you listen to it for hours and hours.

ü  Allows to read Bible offline
ü  It can also be listened offline
ü  Font name and font size can be changed as well
ü  The chapters can be bookmarked
ü  Navigation of the application is user friendly
ü  Streaming is allowed to done continuously to the next chapter
ü  Supports rotation for the better reading
ü  Allow to zoom and copy the versus
ü  No internet connection is needed for the offline audio

ü  Updated: March 24, 2014
ü   Version: 1.1
ü  Size:  455 MB

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Poker Offline Apk for Download Free for Android

Here android users can download, Poker Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Poker Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below. If you are fan of poker game, now Poker offline is with you in your android devices. This application of your game provides you hours of game to play offline. The chips won can be used to buy houses and for transportation among the cities. There is no limit or time period given to play this game, 19 cities from where you can go through and great engine of poker. The player can follow the tutorial to play the better game. You don’t need internet connection and as well no registration is needed to play this game. All you just play and progress your Poker skills with Poker Offline. The user interface of the game is very simple and straightforward. By playing this game, you will simply learn how to poker game. Stats of the tracks are available such as the hands played, hands won, tournament played and tournaments won. Different from the real poker, your cash will not finish as you will go back for more. If you start losing the game, you will out of the tournament and lower your statistics.

ü  You can earn money as much as you play without any limit
ü  Rotate the wheel of fortune to win the chips
ü  After every 1 hour, player receives secret gifts
ü  Within the application, mini games are also enjoyed as well
ü  The game is started with 20,000 chips
ü  Play with your skills to experience the Vegas and others for free
ü  The reward feature allows you to win free gifts and free chips

ü  Updated:Feb 7, 2017
ü   Version: 2.2.0
ü  Size:  16.12 MB

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Read and Listen Quran Offline Apk Download Free for Android

Here android users can download, Read and Listen Quran Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Read and Listen Quran Offline Apk for android, the link is provided below. Read and Listen Quran Offline is an application which is full of interest for those who want recite and study Holy Quran on their Smartphone. Using the “Go to” option, the particular Ayah is found easily. Different Surahs are found through the usage of search bar. Transliteration tells you the correct pronunciation of words. You can also select from 3 various Arabic fonts. Adjustments of your font size are available according to your own choice. List of Surahs or next Surah is selected through a simple touch. Select anywhere to view the translation along with transliteration. Read and Listen Quran Offline Apk is paused automatically whenever the application is close. It is also resumed on call or SMS.


ü  Along with English, translation of the Holy Quran is available in various languages which include Urdu, Spanish and French added in the application
ü  16 lines are available on each page
ü  Holy Quran is available along with the Tafsir
ü  Recitation of Holy Quran from well-known Qurra (Mashary Bin Rashid, Ahmad Bin Ali Ajmi, Saad Al-Ghamdi)
ü  No need of internet connection
ü  Audio of offline Holy Quran is available anywhere and anytime
ü  Quality of Audio is loud and clear
ü  Using the search bar, any Surah can be searched easily
ü  Full Holy Quran is available on your smart phone
ü  Along with the recitation, this application provides you Tajweed as well by using the features of transliteration 
ü  User interface and colors of the audio player is attractive

ü  Updated:Dec 4, 2016
ü   Version: 1.7
ü  Size:  36.87 MB

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Zenonia S offline Apk + Data Download for Android

Here android users can download, Zenonia S offline Apk and Data for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Zenonia S offline Apk + Data for android, the link is provided below. In Zenonia S offline apk, the player has to kill his thousands of enemies throughout the adventurous journey. After the completion of the missions, your character will reach to the new levels. At this stage, various attributes are improved and skills are gained. Players are also allowed to visit a common city where they can communicate with the other players as well. Along with the adventure, this game also seems a world which is full of fantasy to the players. Guide your hero in different locations. The mechanics of the game are maintained on regular basis. In the previous games of Zenonia, there were four classes to play with which were: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin. All these were fast paced but the art work of Zenonia S is definitely breath taking. It has been noticed that Zenonia S asks for Superuser permissions on the android devices. The player need to gain highly effective skills to play this game.

ü  Fight with the monsters, make friends and punish the opponents from your smart phone
ü  In the Monster Wave mode, your survival skills can be tested
ü  Discover the world of Zenonia S in all over the nine realms
ü  Among the characters of Zenonia S, select your favorite
ü  Wake up your hero and cross all the boundaries
ü  Customizations can be done using the 300 pieces of the equipment
ü  The effect of the weapons, armor, and accessories is increased through different changes
ü  The game is full of great graphics
ü  Full of fun and energetic system of battle

ü  Updated:Feb 6. 2017
ü   Version: 3.2.0
ü  Size:  38.54 MB

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Download Offline Radio Apk for Android

Here android users can download, Offline Radio Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Offline Radio Apk for android, the link is provided below. Offline Radio is an application which facilitates you with listen the internet radio while you are offline. Your favorite radio station can be record among the tens of millions a radio station in the cache. Radio is a technology which uses the radio waves to carry the information which includes sound. Radio system requires a transmitter to change the properties of the energy which is produced when a single is received. For example: using of amplitude modulation. It also requires an antenna which converts the electric current into the radio waves. It helps in receiving and transmitting. The electromagnetic wave is entered through an antenna which has been tuned. Receiver of radio takes the input from antenna and converts it into form which can be used by the customers. It includes sound, pictures, digital data, values of measurement and positions for navigation.

ü  This free version permits you to cache to the maximum 10
ü  It also displays ads
ü  The limited release can be updated to the professional version and you can remove the ads
ü  Mobile fee of communication will be saved through usage of offline data
ü  It helps you to get rid of distortions of voice and enjoy freely
ü  The limited content permits the recording with the use of cache
ü  Range should be used of personal use only which observation was made by the law of copyright
ü  Radio is enjoyed without any internet connection or Wi-Fi anywhere and anytime
ü  The color of the notification is now changed

ü  Updated:Mar 8,2016
ü   Version: 1.4
ü  Size:  4.21 MB

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Read Quran Offline APK Free Latest Version Download for Android

Here android users can download, Read Quran Offline Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets for free. To download Read Quran Offline Apk for android mobiles and tablets, the link is provided below. Read Quran Offline Apk is an amazing application which helps you in reciting the Holy Quran available for android devices. This app is designed that if u want to go on next page or Quran pak just swipe on screen to change the pages, you only to swipe them. You can go to any page wherever you want to go to. The Quran is partitioned into parts. Read Quran Offline is very interesting application for reading the Holy Quran. Each and every Surah is mentioned along with the Tafsir and Urdu translation. The file size of application is very small so it can be downloaded within few minutes. Use the option of “Go to” a particular Ayat is searched within an instance. Separator can be added which helps you to return again on the same position. This application has received rating of 4.6. The users who have used it are very delighted and gave positive response regarding it.


ü  The application can be used anywhere and anytime (available full offline)
ü  All Surahs of Quran are available
ü  Wooden bookshelf is designed beautifully along with various publications of Quran
ü  Current books include 12, 13, 15 Line Quran with Urdu Translation of Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Syed Shabir Ahmed of Quran Asan Tehreek and Mushaf Medina so you can filter according to your own will
ü  Amazing reading experience in two modes landscape and portrait
ü  Various setting options are now available
ü  There   is also addition of feedback section which allows you to send the feedback
ü  Last reading position can be maintained on the next launch

ü  Updated: July 6. 2015
ü   Version: 3.9
ü  Size:  34.13 MB

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Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar Alerts Latest Apk for Android

Here android users can download Microsoft Outlook Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Microsoft Outlook Apk for android, the link is provided below. Microsoft Outlook Apk is an application which is officially offered for the famous Microsoft email client for your android device. It is simple and easy to manage the email accounts. Similar to the email applications, Microsoft Outlook Apk always notify with a pop up each and every time whenever the mail is received. The contacts and calendar can be synchronized along with the viewing of folder.  Actually, the folders can be used for filter the upcoming mails. This application helps in managing multiple email accounts and are kept active on your android device at the same time. When you want to write emails, select among the email accounts and attaching the files and these activities are carried in the desktop version Microsoft Outlook is very beneficial tool for managing emails which has proof that it is used easily for those who use desktop version. The interface of the application is new designed and attract its users towards it. Millions of users connect their all accounts of email, calendar and files on one single platform. Within few taps, all the tasks are done within few seconds in this busy schedules. It was not this much easy as before. The Outlook application is definitely the best email mobile application commented by its users.


ü  Amazing management of inbox which displays the important messages
ü  Smart filters and swipe gestures can apply to inbox
ü  Quick accessibility from the inbox to the files and calendar
ü  Work can be done on the features like integration of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

ü  Updated:24 Jan, 2017
ü   Version: 2.1.138
ü  Size:  20.00 MB

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