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Download PicsArt Photo Studio: Picture Editor Collage Maker Apk for Android


Here android users can download PicsArt Photo Studio Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download PicsArt Photo Studio Apk for android, the link is provided below. PicsArt is a multimedia tool used for editing and modifying the pictures in variety of ways. You can apply masks, make collages and frames. Text can also be added along with the stickers. The images can be rotated and adjustments of the colors can also be done. The ‘magic effects’ specially need to be mentioned as the applied filters are similar to those available in Instagram. There are number of options available in this application for the final touch of the pictures. They are comic, neon, paper, old paper, cream, Popart 2, softened un-focusing, etc. The pictures which are being edited on PicsArt can be shared on social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Foursquare or Tumbler. The interface of the application is very simple and easy to use. All the icons are available on the main screen.Of course; PicsArt is an amazing photo editing tool which converts your photos in an artistic image. 


ü  Numerous photo editing features are available which are simple and easy to use
ü  Variety of clip arts and stickers are available for adding on your images according to the festive
ü  1000s of bundles, fonts can be added on photos, stickers, collage backgrounds and emojis 
ü  The Christmas collages can be made along with the clip art and emojis
ü  Memes can also be made along with the text and stickers
ü  Make an amazing collage through the arrangement of photos and make a story
ü  Pictures can be illustrated, effects can be applied and can be shared among friends

ü  Updated: Dec/30/2017
ü   Version: varies with devices
ü  Size:  varies with devices

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SongPop 2 - Guess The Song Apk Download for Android


Here android users can download SongPop 2 Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download SongPop 2 Apk for android, the link is provided below. SongPop 2 is a game in which you need to guess the right title or artist of the song that you hear. Huge number of artists are mentioned in the game whether they are past or the latest ones. After the fame and success of fun loving game SongPop, its sequel SongPop 2 was launched. In the tournament mode, you need to answer a series of 10 questions that are related to the music. To be a good player, you have to be more in action than your competitor. This will help you to earn coins, VIP badges and some other prizes. You can play against other players across the world. The rounds in the game are as quick as lightening, simple and easy to play. The core objective of the game is to match the song with the correct title within the given duration of time.  It also shows in how many seconds you have given the right answer.


ü  Challenge the huge number of players daily in multimedia tournaments
ü  You can practice in solo mode along with Melody, the SongPop mascot.
ü  All the playlists can be tried for free.
ü  You can buy your favorite and give challenges to your friends
ü  The player can test himself of different genre of music like Classic Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop Pop, Indie, Latin Hits, and others
ü  Collections of each decade is available 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and much more
ü  The new playlists and music can be added every week

ü  Updated: on 1/22/2017
ü   Version: 2.6
ü  Size: Varies with devices

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Groupon - Shop Deals & Coupons Latest Version Apk File for Android


Here android users can download Groupon Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Groupon Apk for android, the link is provided below. Groupon is an official application which provides number of sales from your mobile device. If it is a language course, sessions of massage or trips across the world, everything can be find by you and many more on Groupon. Through the site of Groupon, you can easily print your Groupon on a sheet of paper and carry it with yourself along with your mentioned location. But thankful to this application, your all Groupons can be carried on your cell phone without printing them. This application works in a simple and straight forward manner. Every single day, series of the sales is announced for a specific period of time or until and unless the stock is finished. If the customer is interested in some sale, limited time duration will be provided in which you can commit. The service of Groupon is quite interesting and attractive. This mobile application covers everything whatever you ask from it. This makes the accessibility on all the sales easier. Download the Groupon app now and start saving.


ü  Groupon deals can be directly bought from your cell phone
ü  Groupon can be used to purchase the products at low rates
ü  Through Groupon Getaways, the tourist destinations and shampoos of hotel can be collected
ü  Shopping is made full of fun through the theme based collections and events
ü  With the help of social networking site, the Groupon deals can be shared among friends and family
ü  The tracking of purchased coupons can be conducted by location and date of expiry

ü  Updated: Dec 15, 2016
ü   Version: 16.15.75871
ü  Size:  29.51 MB

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GTA 4 Apk Download for Android and Tablets


Here android users can download GTA 4 Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download GTA 4 Apk for android, the link is provided below. Grand Theft Auto IV is a popular and famous game which full of action and adventure. This game was developed by Rockstar North and publication conducted by Rockstar Games on 2nd December 2008. This game can be played as a single player or multiplayer like playing with friends and family. It can also be played online. The whole game is revolving around the fiction Liberal city in 2008. You will play the main character of the game named Niko Bellic. In this game, you have to run away from your past in which you had faced the difficulties due to the strict bosses and loans. This game obviously favorite game of the game lovers who like adventures and puzzle. Roam in the city and enjoy different vehicles. After the completion of the mission, various parts of the city are unlocked. Every kind of vehicle is available in the game Cars, Trucks, Bus, Heavy Bike, Helicopters and boats. These can be used by the player.


ü  This game is on eleventh number in the installment of GTA series
ü  Scenarios are added in the game which makes it to move ahead
ü  Characters have ability to move anywhere in the game
ü  Many weapons are present in the game which can be used to defeat your enemy
ü  Covering system and automatic aiming are introduced to help the player
ü  The graphics of the game is outstanding
ü  The background music of GTA 4 is different which definitely brings life to the game
ü  Real-time vehicles are found in the game

ü  Updated: Dec 25, 2016
ü   Version:  1.05
ü  Size:  783 MB

How to download and install (GTA 4)Grand Theft Auto 4:


Zenonia 5 Apk Offline Download for Android


Here android users can download Zenonia 5 Apk offline for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Zenonia 5 apk for android, the link is provided below. In Zenonia 5 offline, the player has to play the role of any one of the four heroes and save the world of magic of Zenonia. The battles in the game occur in real time. You need to utilize all your skills to face the enemies and discover the adventures. After completing the missions and defeating the enemies, your skills are upgraded and proceed to the higher levels. The player learns the new skills as he is equipped with armors and weapons. The warrior’s appearance can be customized along with their statistics. This game is definitely worth-watching. It always come with a surprise to the player with its amazing graphics and dynamic system of battle. Zenonia 5 also offers PvP mode in which the players mask as the characters in the battle arena. Logically, the reward is awarded to the winner and the loser is injured and wounded. Defeat the enemies and resolve all the mysteries with HD graphics.


ü  Full of action sequences along with synchronization in tunes and reactions
ü  The game is experience through 4 heroes: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard and Paladin. Each hero has special strengths and moves
ü  You can customize and proceed to the upcoming levels through various options and chart of the skills. They are delivered into the mystery of Deva Castle
ü  Face the challenges and play with the players from across the world
ü  As soon as you discover the legendary items are discovers, player can reap his rewards
ü  The challenges and story of the game is endless

ü  Updated: Feb 14, 2016
ü   Version:  1.2.1
ü  Size:  46.11 MB 

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DragonVale World Download Latest Version Apk for Android

Download DragonVale World Apk for Android

Here android users can download DragonVale WorldApk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download DragonVale World Apk for android, the link is provided below. In the game, the player has to earn the items for the dragon like armors for their protection and to make them physically strong. He might need to adjust the wings that will rise the speed of the dragon when they fly and explore new areas. Some special spells can also be added to the dragons which will help them to get better and stronger than before. Send your dragons to the biggest land to collect the rewards which is the Distant Land on the new Airship. The dragons will bring all the treasure for you if they returned safe from the journey. The effort can be kept saved which you achieve specific number of gems, start achieving whatever you want and enjoy playing the game.
Island need to be build for the dragons where they spend their lives in a better way.


ü  There are 140 dragons in the game which you can collect
ü  All the dragons are amazing and epic
ü  Feed the dragons, gather and supply the airship to them
ü  Change the skills and appearance of the dragon through spells
ü  Build and decorate the dragon with their features
ü  The trading of valuable items will be conducted with other players across the world
ü  To collect the prizes, dragons will be send and gathered in remote areas
ü  To discover the land far away and earn plentiful rewards, dragons are sailed to new Airship
ü  Do participate in the global events which are conducted all over the year
ü  The DragonVale World will be explored and meeting with amazing characters

ü  Updated: Dec 9, 2016
ü  Version:  3.11.0
ü  Size:  43.40 MB

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Download Free Huawei y511-u30 Latest Firmware Flash File, Flash Tool

You are here to download Huawei y511-u30 firmware, flash files, and scatter files for free; we have provided the updated version of Huawei y511-u30 firm ware/ scatter file for your smartphone. Along with this we have listed the Huawei y511-u30 USB drivers and Huawei y511-u30 flash tool. You can download these entire tools for free from our site, so with wasting your time lets download Huawei y511-u30 firmware, USB drivers, scatter file and flashing tool and give the latest version to your Huawei y511-u30.

Huawei y511-u30 Firmware:
In this section you will get the firmware of Huawei y511-u30 for free, you will see the downloading links at the bottom of this page, just visit the given link you will easily get the firmware by just single clicking on it.

Huawei y511-u30 USB Drivers:
Here come the USB drivers of Huawei y511-u30, in this section of post you will get the drivers of Huawei y511-u30 for free, just follow the given link and click on the USB drivers, after clicking on it all the updated version of USB drivers will be on your PCs.

Huawei y511-u30 Flash Tool:
In this last and final section of post, you will get the latest version of Huawei y511-u30 flash tool for free, and this flash tool will help you to flash firmware into phones. 

If you are feeling any difficulty, or you in trouble like how to flash file Huawei y511-u30 then you can comment blow, our experts are here to help any time.  

Clash Royale Apk Download Free for Android


Download Clash Royale Apk for Android 
Here android users can download Clash Royale Apk for their android mobile phones and tablets here. To download Clash Royale Apk for android, the link is provided below. Clash Royale is a game based on strategies which is played in real time with the opponents online. Number of characters exit in the game from Clash of Clans which includes Giants, Barbarian Kings, Wall Breakers, Archers, and others. The whole gameplay is quite simple and straight forward. The main aim of the game is to utilize your troops to destroy the main tower of your enemy and protect your won tower. The time duration of every tournament is 3 minutes and you might an extra time if there a tie. In Clash Royale, there are many various trophies available and you need to unlock them. To unlock the trophies, the cards need to be collected. These cards exit in the chests that you earn after winning the tournaments. You can also customize your troops as you move to the higher levels.


ü  2 players can play from anywhere across the world in real-time and win their trophies
ü  Chests are needed to unlock the rewards, collecting the powerful cards and upgrade your levels
ü  Destroy the towers of your enemies and win the crowns to earn excellent crown chests
ü  To defeat your enemies, you need to construct and built your battle deck
ü  Cross and move on the top through various arenas
ü  Make a Clan where the cards can be shared and your own battle community can be build
ü  Challenge and compete your Clanmates and friends for duel competition
ü  Learn and practice different tactics of battles by watching the amazing duels on TV Royale

ü  Updated: Dec 12, 2016
ü   Version:  1.7.0
ü  Size:  90.44 MB

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