Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Download KRITIKA Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets

You are here to download KRITIKA APK for your android mobiles and tablets for free.  We have provided the Kritika Apk for your android mobiles and tablets. The White Knight game. KRITIKA: The White Knight is an interesting game for all those who are interested in fighting games. If you want to play an interesting fighting game and looking for exciting fighting game, KRITIKA: The White Knights game is best for you. You can download KRITIKA APK easily by clicking on download option given below and this is how you can enjoy the mind blowing game. The White Knights has matchless effects. The games characters have features of great worriers with champion characteristics are thrilling and exciting. The experience of playing KRITIKA: The White Knights will be awesome and you will love it. I bet you will play this game again and again.
  ü  Knights have thrilling and exciting effects
ü  Action is mind-blowing
ü  Demands your hand practice and skills
ü  Creative features of game characters (The Ice Warlock, The Burst Breaker, The Éclair,         The Blood Demon, The Demon Blade, The Dark Valkyrie, The Crimson Assassin, The           Berserker, The Cat Acrobat and the Shadow Magic) are attractive and distinctive.
ü  The chemistry between game characters is amazing.
ü  The modes and effects of game are fascinating and captivating.
ü  It has options of individual and group players.
ü  It has levels with different difficulty levels.
ü  The extreme level you can play is 103
ü  Its adventures game
ü  You have to face and clear different and difficult challenges to get the level up.
ü  Attack of monsters, encounter of storm and conquering 50 floors of tribulation will add thrilling effect.
ü  Transforming yourself in to versus, arena and Melee will be amazing
ü  Champions will work as a team to kill enemies
ü  Auto battle feature is an option to clear stages


  • Name of game: Kritika
  • Developed by: Gamevil
  • Version of game: 2.30.4
  • Game works on: Android 2.3 or up
  • Size of game: 70.42MBs
  • Type: Action
  • Contact:
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Download KRITIKA Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets
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